Reflections for the Year of St. Joseph


Joseph the Loving Father

Matthew’s Gospel presents Joseph as a righteous man, who observed the Law, worked hard, was humble, and loved Mary. When first faced with something he did not understand, he preferred to step back but God revealed to him his mission. So St. Joseph took up his new role wholeheartedly, and helped raise the Son of God, in silence, without judging, without speaking poorly of others, and without gossiping. He helped him grow and develop. So he looked for a place for the child to be born. He looked after him, helped him grow, and taught him to work. He never took possession of the child for himself. He silently let him grow. This idea could help us immensely, we who by nature always want to stick our noses in everything, especially in the lives of others. But Joseph let him grow, silently watching over him and helping him. Many parents have the wise attitude of caring for their children without being overbearing. They have the capacity to wait, without immediately yelling if the child makes a mistake. It’s important to know how to wait, before saying something to help them grow. God has the same patient attitude with his children, since God waits in silence.

—Pope Francis


Image: Go To Joseph by Michael O'Neill McGrath. World Library Publications.

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