Reflections for the Year of St. Joseph


Joseph, Facing the Unthinkable with Trust

Joseph cannot explain to himself the event which he sees taking place before his eyes, namely, Mary’s pregnancy. Just then, in that moment of doubt, even anguish, God approaches him through his messenger and Joseph is enlightened about the nature of this maternity: “the child conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.” Thus, in facing this extraordinary event, which surely gave rise to many questions in his heart, he trusts totally in God who has drawn near to him, and after his invitation, does not repudiate his betrothed, but takes her to him and takes Mary to wife. In accepting Mary, Joseph knowingly and lovingly receives him who has been conceived in her through the wondrous work of God, for whom nothing is impossible. Joseph, a just and humble man, teaches us to always trust in God, who draws near to us: when God approaches us, we must entrust ourselves to him. Joseph teaches us to allow ourselves to be guided by Him with willing obedience.

—Pope Francis

Image: Go To Joseph by Michael O'Neill McGrath. World Library Publications.

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