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4. The Spirit’s Mission 2: During Christ’s Life

The Holy Spirit’s work of speaking through the prophets was incomplete and preliminary to the appearance of Jesus. As God’s Word made flesh, Jesus fully revealed the hidden inner reality of God and of the Trinity. But again, as God’s Word, he is always accompanied by God’s Holy Spirit/Breath. 

The Gospel writers recognized this close connection and reinforced it by their association of God’s Holy Spirit with Jesus’ conception, his birth, the beginning and fulfillment of his public ministry, his passion, death and resurrection. Jesus was filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit throughout his life and ministry. 

This empowerment by the Holy Spirit allowed the risen Jesus to hand on to us his disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit so we could continue, with the Spirit’s help, his work of giving life, bringing truth and creating an alternate community of love that will lead us into eternal life. 

For more, see CCC, #717–30.

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