Lent 2021: 5 Weeks with God's Word

Gospel of Mark2

A faith-sharing group provides a simple way to gather with others, read scripture, reflect on its meaning and share our insights with one another. One way that we grow as followers of Jesus is to read and pray the scriptures with others. Gathering a group for faith sharing does not require any special permission or elaborate materials. Your group can simply begin by gathering together for reading, reflection, discussion and prayer about the Sunday Lectionary readings this Lent.

The group can be made up of anyone who wishes to grow in faith and is willing to share their experiences of living with Christ together—a group of friends from the neighborhood or school, the workplace or the parish, fellow catechists, those who attend daily Mass regularly or meet as a Small Christian or Small Church Community, an RCIA group or an adult faith formation group. 

We encourage you to share your faith with others. We include in these 5 sessions everything you need for exploring each Lenten Sunday’s Lectionary readings with a small group. 

When you are not able to gather together in person, you may want to consider using Zoom, Facebook or Email for weekly sharing.

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February 16, 2021

February 15, 2021

February 08, 2021

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