The Law of Love: Modern Language for Ancient Wisdom by Richard Leonard, SJ


Meditations on the sources of formation in Christian approach to law, its application to contemporary living, and how our approach to the law should set us free, not bind us up. This is a positive contribution to the present and lively debate about the tension between Christian liberty and obedience.


1.  What the ‘law’ of love means;
2.  The 10 Commandments;
3.  The Lord’s Prayer;
4.  Love God, Neighbor and Self;
5.  The Beatitudes;
6.  1 Cor 13;

Paulist Press



Richard Leonard, SJ  

Richard Leonard, SJ is the author of many books, movie reviews, and a presenter at conferences, retreats, and special events in 
Australia, New Zealand, United States and throughout the world. You can find links on both Google and YouTube.

Don't miss his presentation, Singing Our Theology.

In this presentation we are reminded that what we sing in Liturgy is really, really important. Not only because it enhances our prayer but because it reveals what we believe about God. Richard uses his own talents as a singer to illustrate his points.


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